Kate Moss is Preggy...

The very popular and beautiful model Kate Moss is indeed pregnant. Last February 11 she was spotted club-hopping.The British beauty grabbed some dinner with boyfriend Jamie Hince, Philip Green and his daughter Chloe, and some friends before heading over to the Ivy Club. It’s being reported by several agencies that Kate is showing telltale signs that she’s expecting a baby with Hince. In fact, one source said that the Ivy dinner was the official announcement of her pregnancy. It was also rumored that the party was a celebratory dinner to announce her pregnancy. Congratulations!!!!

Jennifer Garner's New Baby Name Revealed

Alias star Jennifer Garner and his Daredevil husband Ben Affleck already revealed their new baby girl's name. They named their second daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabth Affleck. Both Jennifer and Ben did not elaborate on why they choose that name. According to an expert the name Seraphina suggest an elaborately feminine kind of name that’s really come into style over the past few years and the origin of the name comes from Seraphim which is one of the highest orders of angels. Congratulations to the new addition to your family Jennifer!!!