Naomi Watts is ready to Give Birth

Naomi Watts has long been quiet about her pregnancy but she was spotted doing some grocery with her ready to pop baby bump last October 24 around Soho, New York. And though she is still pregnant, the actress has been seen talking to Universal Studio’s big bosses to play for the upcoming movie based on the Nobel Prize winner Jody wiliams.

Caroline Rhea Welcomes a Baby Girl

The talk show host and star has given birth to a bouncing baby girl with her longtime boyfriend Costaki Economopoulos. The baby girl was born last October 20 and had weighed 9 pounds. They named the bouncing baby girl Ava Rhea since they figured that a shorter name was better for a first name since her last name is very long. Congratulations Caroline!!!

Jennifer Garner’s Family Day

Jennifer Garner’s bump is going to obvious right now. But despite that fact she still has time for her family. Jennifer and Ben was spotted visiting one of their properties that is under construction in Brentwood, California last October 23. Both were preparing for their upcoming baby that will add up to their family with Violet. After leaving the construction site, Jen stopped at the Brentwood Country Mart to pick up some lunch before heading off to Santa Monica to pick up her adorable daughter Violet.

Jennifer Garner’s School Date

Jennifer GarnerDespite her pregnancy to her second baby with husband Daredevil star Ben Affleck, Alias star Jennifer Garner will never forget her top priority which is her daughter Violet. Jennifer was spotted last October 21 escorting her daughter Violet to school located in Santa Monica. Later that day she was spotted again picking up her daughter from school. Jennifer stated that she haven’t think of a baby name yet but it will definitely be just simple like Violet’s name. Good Luck!!!

Ashlee Simpson’s Dinner

While waiting for her due date to come which was reported to be this late October or early November, Ashlee was spotted having a leisure dinner with friends at Kamasaku restaurant located in West Hollywood. Ashlee stated that she is really excited even her sister Jessica is so excited to be an aunt. Ashlee added that her pregnancy brought her and sister Jessica together and her sister has been talking to the baby ever since she learned about the pregnancy. Ashlee added that her pregnancy became her and sister Jessica’s bonding time. Good to hear that they are close.

Angelina Jolie to Adopt Again

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be adding yet another baby to their big family. Angelina is actually considering adopting baby number seven but they will need to wait a few more months since adoption agencies have a rule that a couple who has a biological child must wait six months before starting the adoption process, in order to see how the new family blends together. It seems that Brad is really happy with Angelina. Angelina already stated that Brad is her soul mate. Good to hear that from one of the strongest couple of Hollywood.