Envy Angelina Jolie

Yes, we all should envy Angelina Jolie for yet another reason that even in her final stages of her pregnancy with twins she still can turn the head of hunky Brad. According to Angelina Bard makes her feel so sexy despite the pregnancy and their children. “In the last few months it’s hard for me to pick up the other kids, so he’s there to help lift them up to me and things like that. He’s an extremely hands-on dad with all the kids and really, really supportive.” Angelina stated. Angelina starred in the movie Wanted and he and Brad agreed to take a rest from strenuous works and spend quality time with the kids.

Jamie Lynn’s Spears Baby

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth with a bouncing baby girl named Maddie Briann with a full head hair and her daddy’ toes. New mom Jamie Lynn Spears, daddy Casey Aldridge and baby Maddie were catching up on rest Saturday following the birth Thursday at a hospital in McComb, Miss., near the Spears family home across the state line in Kentwood, La., a source tells People magazine. Jamie Lynn was discharged from the hospital overnight Friday, with the new arrival getting an early education in her family’s notoriety: their car had a police escort home. Congratulations to a new young mom Jamie!!!

Jessica Alba’s baby girl to be name as Honor Marie

After days of giving birth, Jessica Alba is receiving plenty of well wishes and compliments for her very beautiful bouncing baby girl from her family and friends. According to a very reliable source, she will name the baby girl Honor Marie. Her “Love Guru” co-star Justin Timberlake told AP that Honor Marie is indeed a very cool name. Congratulations Jessica!!!

Ashlee Simpson is a Sexy Mom-To-Be

Ashlee Simpson is due this October and while she was afraid to reveal her pregnancy, she was indeed ready now to embrace motherhood’s curved while sporting a very sexy long brown dress. The singer was spotted on her way to a routine checkup yesterday morning. According to Ashlee herself, the pregnancy is going smooth and Pete Wentz is going crazy about it.

Angelina and Brad’s Sex Life

According to the couple, Angelina’ pregnancy has inspired both of them during love making. According to Angelina, being pregnant is great for the sex life and it makes them a lot more creative. Angelina also said that her doctor ordered her to stop lifting the kids, so the couple has “worked out a system where Brad just lifts them to me every time they want to come up. I just don’t bend down. I’ll scream, ‘Honey!'’ and he’ll come running.” Isn’t it sweet of Brad!!!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Looks like a Teen-ager Lover

Nicole Kidman was seen arriving with a blonde assistant and spending an hour inside a Nashville facility before her rocker husband arrived to join her. The two had a romantic embrace when they were reunited and Urban even held his wife’s handbag as he kissed her and placed his hand on the small of her back. According to a very reliable source, the two seems to be a teen ager in-love with each other. Keith is a true gentleman and Nicole seems to be always blushing about it. Congratulations.

Angelina Jolie’s Love for Brad Pitt

It was stated by Angelina Jolie on her last interview that she really didn’t want to get pregnant or conceived at all. She always wanted to adopt a child since she thought that will be humanitarian enough and she will definitely help a lot of homeless child. But according to her, it was because of her love for partner Brad that she decided on conceiving. Brad and Angelina has a biological daughter named Shiloh and is expecting a twins this year.

Beyonce’s Pregnancy Update

Beyonce Knowles is reportedly expecting her first child. After tying the knot, she was spotted in New York sporting with what seems to be a baby bump. Two people close to the couple confirmed the pregnancy but Beyonce wants to keep people guessing. According to a very reliable source, Beyonce was spotted looking for baby clothes. Keep guessing guys!!!

Angelina Jolie Did Not Give Birth

After all the rumors that have spread regarding Angelina giving birth to a twin with names Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane via C-section at a Catholic Clinic, Angelina’s manager namely Geyer Kosinski and Brad’s manager namely Cynthia Pett-Dante stated that the rumor is not true and that people should dismissed it. Anyway, Angelina and Brad are still supposed to move out into a 1,000 acre $65 million estate with 35 bedrooms, a vineyard and a moat. All are anxious to see Bradgelina’s twins.