Gwen Stefani’s Update

Gwen Stefani is currently working on a new album with her band No Doubt even though she is currently pregnant. The second thing she is doing is writing songs. Gwen added that being pregnant gave a significant value to her songwriting. Gwen is expecting to give birth this summer with her second child with her rocker husband Gavin Rossdale.

Fergie Ferguson is Pregnant?

It was reported that Fergie is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend/fiancĂ©e Josh Duhamel. It was also reported that Fergie is rushing the wedding since she doesn’t want to walk in the aisle with a bloated tummy. Fergie is spotted buying a wedding dress while she was in New York for Fashion Week. Added report was added that at Clive’s she just drank water. Congratulations Fergie!!!

Minnie Driver Confirmed Pregnant

Minnie Driver’s pregnancy has been confirmed by her. She revealed she was pregnant for her first child during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And while Driver said she loves being pregnant, she admitted that there is one part of the process she could do without and that is “Morning Sickness”. But as of today Minnie doesn’t want to spill the name of the lucky father.

Angelina Jolie’s Twins

Angelina Jolie is expecting a boy and a girl. It seems that the new trend in Hollywood is to give birth to twins. Well, the 32 year old actress who already has two adopted children and one biological daughter with hubby Brad is expecting to have a baby girl and boy. The couple was said to be extremely joyful and was expecting to have the twins this summer. Although Angelina is enjoying the pregnancy, she is said to be finding the strain of carrying two babies hard work. The actress plans to raise her baby in France, to honour her late mother Marcheline Bertrand - who was of French-Canadian descent on her father's side - and Brad is said to be fully supportive of the big move. he couple have reportedly bought a chateau in the south of France which they plan to make their new family home.

Is Nicole Really Pregnant?

Is Nicole Kidman really pregnant? If you look at her picture it doesn’t seem that she is five months pregnant. With a bump like hers, it seems to be that he is only two months pregnant to me!!! Was it that she was just pretending to be pregnant to be noticed since Tom already having a child with his lover Katie Holmes. Isn’t Nicole just envious? Well, in my own opinion I think Nicole is really pregnant. Let’s wait for the day when Nicole will give birth.

Halle Berry Gave Birth to a Beautiful Baby Girl

Halle Berry has finally given birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl last Sunday morning. The baby girl was said to be 7 lb. 4 oz. She gave birth in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles California. It was reported that Halle Berry had been admitted to the hospital twice but during the first admittance the contraction was said to be a false alarm so they let her go, only to be admitted again after 4 hours for a much more painful contraction. Congratulations Halle!!!